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Title:LED Bulb better side of light
Category:Shopping: Home and Garden
Description:Our LED spotlights and bulbs are available in a range of optical beam angles . You can choose how intense a spotlight you require - narrow beam for a dedicated reading light, wide beam for more diffuse mood lighting. LED bulbs are made that replace screw-in incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs. Why choose Led bulbs? They are future of light sources in our houses and: These bulbs are more power-efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs and offer livetime of 30,000 or more hours. Incandescent bulbs have a typical life of 1,000 hours, compact fluorescents about 8,000 hours. They save your money! They are also mercury-free, unlike fluorescent lamps. LED lamps are available with a variety of color properties. The higher purchase cost than other types may be more than offset by savings in energy and maintenance.
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Meta Description:Welcome in LedBulb.ie online store, the best place to buy led bulbs, led lamps, led spotlights for your home. We offer only good quality products with 100% Guarantee!!! Quick delivery and free shipping.
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